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Are you trying to decide which quilting program to use? You've come to the right place. There are quite a few to choose from. The best one for you depends on what you need your program to do. Let's get started.

Which quilt software is best for beginners?

If you are a beginner, something like Quilting Studio - online software for quilt design <http://www.QuiltingStudio.com> is your best value. It gives you the ability to try out different designs using many different blocks, fabrics, borders and sashing. You select the size of the quilt (from King on down to Twin or a 9 block quilt). The program will calculate the amount of each fabric you will need and you can easily print out the result. You can even upload your own fabric samples to be included. Another great feature is that (since it is online software) you can get started using it immediately over the web. It is very easy to use. All this for about $9.99.

Which are the best for more advanced users?

If you need more advanced functions like customized layouts, laying out photos on your quilt, or you want to a program with which you draw the quilt block yourself, the top of the line choice is Electric Quilt - EQ8 <http://www.electricquilt.com>. It will do just about anything that any quilt program on the market can do. Of course, learning all the features and functions can take some time and commitment. But, if you are an expert quilter, you won't go wrong with Electric Quilt. Electric Quilt's retail price is $240.00.

The other most capable program is Quilt Pro <http://www.quiltpro.com> This is the same company that brought you 1-2-3-Quilt. Quilt Pro also has advanced features for drawing your own quilt block and converting your design to a graphic file of your choice. It is a little easier to use than Electric Quilt but you should check into exactly which advanced features you need. Again, the user guide that comes with the program is a massive volume but you won't have to read the whole thing before you get started. This program has been more likely to crash than Electric Quilt but the latest version is greatly improved. Quilt Pro's retail price is $150.00.

What about these other programs?

The next program, VQuilt <http://www.vquilt.com> is now defunct. It was a less expensive watered-down version of the big full featured programs. It has some of the features of each of the other programs. . VQuilt's retail price was $39.95.

Again, PCQuilt <http://www.pcquilt.com> is now defunct. It was similar but not as capable as the two big full featured programs. PCQuilt's retail price was $75.00.

Quiltsoft <http://www.quiltsoft.com> is an outdated program that simply does not compete. Quiltsoft's retail price is about $99.00.


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